Playing, Part II

Yesterday (6th May), inspired by Jeff Goulden and Mike Smith on Fstoppers, I shot my first panorama on a camera (having tried without much luck shooting panoramas on my phone). It was hurried, playful, non-serious. Fun! Both Jeff and Mike suggested shooting panoramas handheld would work, and that’s what I tried. As Mike said, just … More Playing, Part II

Night Photography

Star Trails Over San Francisco Peaks Another photo from my pre-dawn photo-walk yesterday (2/17/22) morning…another shot at night photography (pun intended). What I am attempting is to minimize noise while maximizing light on my subject— the peaks and the stars above them. This involves the following settings— ISO 1000, f/2.8 at .50s, shot on my … More Night Photography

How to take a photo of the filtered sun and get a starburst effect

Taking the shot It’s dangerous to aim your camera at the sun. You could harm it as well as your eye, especially if you loook right at it for a prolongued period of time, or point the camera likewise. I am an amateur like many of my readers, so I am not 100% sure this … More How to take a photo of the filtered sun and get a starburst effect

More Parallelism in Nature: Geology

In early December I posted a series of photos illustrating “parallelism in nature”. The term refers to pattern or “patternment.” Parallelism is the key to poetry as a tradition around the world. Rhyme is parallelism. Meter or rhythm is parallelism. Patterns involving repetition exemplify parallelism. And it is seen in nature as well as poetry. … More More Parallelism in Nature: Geology

Pattern Repetition: Parallelism in Nature

Scroll down now if you want to skip the musings of this former academic and just see the photos! Most of my professional life was spent in linguistic anthropology— that subfield of anthropology dealing with the role of language in culture and society. Many of us linguistic anthropologists study poetics. Russian emigré and Harvard professor … More Pattern Repetition: Parallelism in Nature

Noise, one of the enemies of clarity in photos—and, a solution!

Once upon a time, in the days of film cameras, photographers struggled against “grainy” shots. “Noise” is the equivalent in the era of digital photography. If you blow up one of your photos you might be surprised to see irregular blotches throughout. Blurriness is a different problem. Blurriness is caused by camera jiggle or movement … More Noise, one of the enemies of clarity in photos—and, a solution!

Monarch Discovery

Google Doodles— the graphics atop Google’s splash page that change every day—are sometimes worth taking the time to consider. Such was the case with the 9 January 2016 Google Doodle. The Doodle acknowledges the “41st Anniversary of the Discovery of the Mountain of the Butterflies” The mountain in Mexico where the monarchs “overwinter” is the … More Monarch Discovery