Playing, Part II

Yesterday (6th May), inspired by Jeff Goulden and Mike Smith on Fstoppers, I shot my first panorama on a camera (having tried without much luck shooting panoramas on my phone). It was hurried, playful, non-serious. Fun! Both Jeff and Mike suggested shooting panoramas handheld would work, and that’s what I tried. As Mike said, just … More Playing, Part II

Night Photography

Star Trails Over San Francisco Peaks Another photo from my pre-dawn photo-walk yesterday (2/17/22) morning…another shot at night photography (pun intended). What I am attempting is to minimize noise while maximizing light on my subject— the peaks and the stars above them. This involves the following settings— ISO 1000, f/2.8 at .50s, shot on my … More Night Photography

Motion Blur #2: Photographing American Avocets in Flight

I live hundreds of miles inland from the Pacific, but late in August, Flagstaff was visited by a flock of American Avocets. As you saw in my first Motion Blur post, the technique produces some cool effects. (By the way, like yesterday’s post, this shot was taken at the Old Walnut Canyon Road Ponds. I … More Motion Blur #2: Photographing American Avocets in Flight

Waterfowl on Frances Short Pond (Flagstaff)

It’s been a frightfully warm winter, but not so warm as to completely melt the ice on our fair city’s beloved municipal pond near a couple of our public schools. Frances Short was an “educator and city councilperson” in Flagstaff. (For more information, click here.) The pond and its immediate environs are home to waterfowl … More Waterfowl on Frances Short Pond (Flagstaff)