Photo Walk With Jim Wilce, June 24

Ordinary Cameras, Extraordinary Encounters:Taking Wildlife Photos From the Heart A Workshop Led by Jim Wilce, and Sponsored by the Northern Arizona Audubon Society Saturday, June 24, 8-10 a. m., Kachina Wetlands (near Flagstaff, Arizona) What do you want from outdoor/ wildlife photographs? How can you take photos that you and others will enjoy? And how … More Photo Walk With Jim Wilce, June 24

What’s With the V-Formation?

It is an inspiring, though common, thing to see flocks of ducks or geese flying overhead in V-formation. A duck flying alone is also beautiful, as is this mallard… … but a group of birds synchronizing or coordinating their behavior presents us with a different kind of beauty.  This group of Canada Geese flying … More What’s With the V-Formation?

The Ducks That Swim in Circles

On a recent trip to the wonderful Sedona Wetlands Preserve, described in a previous post on this blog, I shot video footage of a fascinating group behavior by ducks, specifically Northern Shovelers. Shovelers are “dabbling” or surface-feeding ducks. The species has evolved a collaborative feeding strategy. Swimming in what John Andrew Eastman calls a “pinwheel” … More The Ducks That Swim in Circles

What Wikipedia calls the “default desert bird”

If you have never heard of Curve-Billed Thrashers, you probably don’t live in or near a desert. But if you google “default desert bird” you’ll see a lot of text etc. devoted to Thrashers.  Unfortunately, the phrase “default desert bird,” with or without proper attribution is a misquote. At least Wikipedia rightly cites Dunne as the … More What Wikipedia calls the “default desert bird”

Four Raptors

Raptors are birds of prey. I try not to overuse the word “awesome,” but raptors are awesome, awe-inspiring. I love it when raptors, who have extremely sharp eyes, are so generous as to allow me to photograph them. So, I have gathered here, in one place, photos of four different raptors— three diurnal and one … More Four Raptors


I’ve pasted a photo of a hummingbird perched on a pine branch in our (Cheshire) neighborhood in Flagstaff, AZ.  How can one NOT love hummingbirds! I’m including a link here to a photo of another female broad-tailed hummingbird in what is probably an even more typical hummer habitat— a field of free-ranging if not “wild” … More Hummingbirds!

Showdown at the Lepidoptera Corral (in which Little Moth faces down Big Butterfly)

This is one of a series of photos I am calling  Front Yard Wonders. Thanks to my wife, Sarah, who planted such things as the echinaceas in the photo, the front yard attracts wonders from the bird and insect world. These two are a Veined Ctetucha Moth (on the left) facing down the White Admiral … More Showdown at the Lepidoptera Corral (in which Little Moth faces down Big Butterfly)