Outdoors with a Sony camera

Cloudy skies shot with Sony gear

Between Wednesday and Friday (1/15 and 1/17/23) I did some “higher learning”– focusing high in the sky, and I felt like I was taking a college course, learning a bit about Sony mirrorless camera and lensl. Specifically, I rented an a7R IV camera with 100-400mm lens. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I did when I rented Olymous gear two years ago (and I’m not switching.)

Here are some of my favorite shots

Clouds apparently wispy with rainfall- (shot with Sony gear, 2/15/23,
image # dsc00231

San Francisco Peaks shot through haze (with Sony gear) 2/15/23,
image # dsc00228

Towering clouds over Walnut Canyon Lakes (shot with Sony gear, 2/15/23), image # dsc00164

Thanks to Lensrentals for loaning me the Sony gear!

Please consider buying a digital download through the links below. Share this post with friends!


Towering clouds…

A sample of northern Arizona’s fantastic skies, an example of this photographer’s work, inviting your support.



Hazy San Francisco Peaks

At the moment I shot this photograph, the San Francisco Peaks were swathed in haze. Thank you for your purchase!



Wispy clouds over Flagstaff

These clouds appear to be normal clouds only on top while their wispy bottoms are virga (rain that never hits the ground). Available as a digital download.


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