Landscape photography

Mixed feelings about re-branding wilcephotos

I am in the midst of branding or re-branding wilcephotos. Hence I have temporariliy de-activated my Shopify store.

Let me tell you about it.

The sequence of three doctored photos below says a lot about my feelings about re-branding wilcephotos, my business identity/ FB Business page with a new focus on landscapes. I mean an almoost exclusive focus.

The idea is to break through and break out, to establish myself as someone doing something unique.

Wait, landscapes unique? I would have to find my vision or visual “voice” and do them my own way.

I have some ideas about that. But right now I feel ambivalent.

Let’s say I wanted to define landscape photos as excluding animals, birds, etc. To express my feelings about that, I start with the original photo of the fox. Then I almost completely erase it from the landscape (middle photoshop document). And finally it is gone, and “only the landscape” remains.

These are just my immediate feelings. This is my reality right now.

But perhaps in a couple of months I will re-activate my Shopify store with the new emphasis on (selling) landscape photos.

If you would like a better look at this Gray Fox in Flagstaff, photographed in July 2020 on my old Canon, or purchase it, click here. Thank you!

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