Free: Three versions of bumblebee at white vetch flowers

I am loving giving some of my photos away on, with the understanding that those who are inspired to do so will make a contribution to this extremely dedicated photographer, photo editor, videographer, etc.

Here are three versions of a photograph of a tricolored (Hunt’s?) bumblebee hovering by white vetch flowers. (Vetches are in the pea family). This post particularly draws your attention to the middle (2nd) of the three versions of the original, illustrating involve a Photoshop tool you might want to learn (contact me if interested messaging me on whatsapp, 602-456-2389)

Here is the first version, with real proportions.

Version 1

To see a less compressed form of Version 1, without watermark, and perhaps make a donation, click here.

Here are two other versions. The one immediately below has been “squished.” What I mean is edited such that the “activity” in the photo is more concentrated because I used the Content-Aware Move Tool in Photoshop to move the lower flowers closer to the bumblebee.

Version 2
Version 3: Older Edit

By the way, THIS photo was just featured on Pexels!

I used to teach graduate and undergrad courses at Northern Arizona University, and this post is a throwback to my days as a professor!

I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU especially if you want a tutorial (whatsapp, 602-456-2389), and I will be delighted to learn that you have made a donation to this photographer on!

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