Night Photography

Star Trails Over San Francisco Peaks

Another photo from my pre-dawn photo-walk yesterday (2/17/22) morning…
another shot at night photography (pun intended).

What I am attempting is to minimize noise while maximizing light on my subject— the peaks and the stars above them. This involves the following settings— ISO 1000, f/2.8 at .50s, shot on my Olympus camera (E-M1 MarkII) and 40-150mm lens (@48mm). (Suggestions anyone?)

Post-production tools— DxO PureRaw sharpens images and eliminates a lot of noise, and Photoshop which I used to brighten the image.


Star Trails Above Peaks (Photo #P2178117)

Shot at 5 a.m. February 17, 2022 near Highway 180 and Cheshire neighborhood, Flagstaff, Arizona.


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#getolympus,, #nightphotography

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