More Parallelism in Nature: Geology

In early December I posted a series of photos illustrating “parallelism in nature”. The term refers to pattern or “patternment.” Parallelism is the key to poetry as a tradition around the world. Rhyme is parallelism. Meter or rhythm is parallelism. Patterns involving repetition exemplify parallelism. And it is seen in nature as well as poetry. For a very technical article explaining why we often see such similarity between hills “rolling” off into the distance— geologic parallelism—you can click this link. And as an idea for the holidays—to give yourself or someone else— see my photo, below, which you can buy here, with the help of Paypal.


Buy this photo as digital download– ParallelismInRollingHills

This thumbnail represents a photo available as a digital download for just $1.00 as a great gift for the holidays. I shot it with my Olympus camera around sunset time, from Sunset Rest Area! (That’s off of I-17 southbound in central Arizona).


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