Cinder Cones And Clouds: Original And “Final”

If you liked the Ravens shots, before and after editing, you’ll love this pairing. On 10/15/22 around sunset on a cold, cloudy day, I drove from home (elevation 7000′) to the Arizona Snowbowl (elevation 9200). This photo was shot on “my return to ground” closer to 7000′. You will see that my edits involved brightening the image.

Here is the “before” image, the unedited original shot.

Please go where this link takes you on the Road To The Clouds (to the edited, posted version) by clicking:

(Road to the Clouds is the title of the photo in Fine Art America).

And please consider buying this or other photos you see on that site, i.e. this image on everything from prints to coffee mugs and ornaments (hey, the holidays are almost upon us!)

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