Snowy pre-dawn morning

I confess— I’m a super early riser. So this photo was taken at 4:45 today (February 17, 2022). My fingers were cold. My face was cold. The temperature was roughly 15F at that time. All that aside, I wanted to take a walk and I was looking for a particular scenario to photograph— the moon, low in the sky, illuminating the fresh snow that had fallen last night, Feb. 16.

This is what I got. You’ll notice the starburst. I was not seeking that out this morning.


Moon Behind Snow Covered Pine Tree (Photo #P2178097).jpg

Photo shot in Cheshire neighborhood, Flagstaff, Arizona, on my Olympus E-M1 MarkII, 40-150mm lens, ISO5000, f/2.8, at 1/4s.


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