Noise, one of the enemies of clarity in photos—and, a solution!

Once upon a time, in the days of film cameras, photographers struggled against “grainy” shots. “Noise” is the equivalent in the era of digital photography. If you blow up one of your photos you might be surprised to see irregular blotches throughout. Blurriness is a different problem. Blurriness is caused by camera jiggle or movement of the subject. Noise typically results from shooting in low light without compensating by changing camera settings.

OK, but now I have a photo (or 1000s of them!) that is noisy. Is it salvageable?

A company called Topaz Labs makes tools that address noise and more, including blurriness. I will just show you one pair of photos, before and after, to show you what their “DeNoise” tool can do.

The two images below are two versions of one shot. Here, first, is the “before” photo

(pre-editing, before applying the Topaz tool).


And now the image after applying “Topaz DeNoise AI.”


The second image is brighter. That pertains to something in the Topaz software that I do not understand, but it is not the point. The point is that the second image is truly “deNoised.”

I thank Alan Murphy, whose Tuesday (19Oct2021) webinar on using Topaz tools was super helpful, and Amy Johnson for organizing/offering the webinar through her company, Focused Wild Photography.

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