How great to have an arboretum nearby

It seems to me that supporting one’s local arboretum is a darned good idea, if one is lucky enough to have one. The Arboretum of Flagstaff is part of a network that includes the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix ( That’s doubly convenient for us, since we travel to Phoenix from time to time. Four of the photographs in my SmugMug “Southern Arizona” gallery were taken in the “dbg,” and three photos in the much larger “Insects” gallery are from The Arboretum of Flagstaff.

Here are three good reasons to support your local arboretum— three fresh photos from ours (

Dragonfly; ArboretumOfFlagstaff; 7065 copy4
Dragonfly (apparently a Blue-Eyed Darner) amidst the fall colors at Thearb

Dragonfly; ArboretumOfFlagstaff; 7068 copy 2B

Amazing eyes, eh?
A Yellow Sulphur butterfly—an amazing green eye, eh?

The Blue-Eyed Darners are cousins to Shadow Darners. To purchase a photograph of Shadow Darners Mating from the Shameless Commerce Division (, click here.

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