Laguna Beach sojourn

I’ve spent the last week in southern California— in Claremont (subject of a future posting) and Laguna Beach, a lovely smallish city lapped by the waves of the Pacific Ocean, some-time home to dolphins, with attractive old cottages in the town above, overlooking the ocean.

Photos from this trip can be found here:

I draw your attention, first, to bird- and butterfly-visitors to the town:


… and a cloudless sulphur  butterfly:

I took dawn walks on Crescent Bay beach every morning—a bay with an up-close view of Seal Rock:

These walks were filled with misty views of curlews, including willets and whimbrels, like these:

Although the trip has included attending to urgent family matters, the pleasures of light playing on creatures large (I believe I saw a dolphin) and small (butterfly, hummingbird) has been healing.

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