Do birds pant in the heat?

Some, including Kathryn Knight in the Journal of Experimental Biology, say they do. And during our visit to Phoenix yesterday we were overwhelmed with the heat, especially as we tried to amble around the Arizona Desert Botanical Garden. The roadrunner pictured here might have been feeling the heat, too. Or I might have caught him in the middle of saying something.

RoadrunnerWithBeakOpen; ArizonaDesertBotanicalGardens; PhoenixAZ; July2015Photos; 22July; 8415 For Blog and Instagram

Click here to be taken to my photo site where you will find more photos and a better version of this shot. And click here to read an article by Peter Siminski of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, “The Desert Adaptations of Birds & Mammals.”

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    There is some controversy over whether or not birds pant in the heat. Read on— and see the photo.


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