Help the online group “Wonder of Wings

select its next avatar!

Online Fine Art America Groups have “avatars,” which are images that represent group members as a whole, and the group’s focus. One of the great groups to which I belong is “Wonder of Wings.” Members post photos of critters with wings, be they birds, bats, or insects.

Every few months, a new avatar is selected in a CONTEST, and that is where YOU come in! Voting is open to the PUBLIC, even though posting was limited to members of the Wonder of Wings group.

Use this link to see the fabulous images and VOTE. You can vote for an unlimited number of images. (If that doesn’t work, click here.)

Thank you for helping. I hope you love these images!

Sincerely yours,

I admit it– I don’t quite look like this these days.
The photo was taken in 2009 in Utah.

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