Buffalo Park

and McMillan Mesa

Together, these are adjacent places of ever changing beauty throughout the day and seasons. As you can read here, Buffalo Park is also rich with history.

Flagstaff, Arizona, February 15, 2023, shot with SONY gear from LensRentals

Speaking of Buffalo Park… I just posted this image today (4/6/23) (see the thumbnail below). I also launched a new collection on my Fine Art America pages, called Buffalo Park and McMillan Mesa. Read the description and see the images in that collection here.


Ephemeral Pond At Dawn, Buffalo Park

I shot this photo on a frigid morning– April 3, 2023–using my 40-150mm lens on an OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera, with my ISO at 200, shutter speed 1.6 seconds, f/7.1, and focal distance 73mm.


I am delighted to share these words of praise for this image from the Administrator of one of the prestigious Fine Art America groups:

Beautiful work, Jim!!! CONGRATULATIONS, your work is featured in “From Rise to Set”! I

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