(That’s my answer to WordPress’s question of the day, “What is one word that describes you?”

I am SO HAPPY to share this with you– my photo has now been featured by three wonderful Fine Art America groups– Panoramas, The Outdoor Photographer, and Out West!


I feel very lucky just to experience the feel of a camera in my hands, and to take at least some photos that warm my heart. When I run across very old images, they can do that even if they aren’t very good. They bring back memories.

AND finally,

… fortunate to now have tools that can improve the quality of some of those old friends (photos). What follows are “before and after” pairs. In each, the photo on the left is as I shot it in 2014 with a point-and-shoot Fujifilm FinePix camera. The right member of each pair is that photo after working on it using Topaz Photo AI and Photoshop. All four pairs are photographs taken in Texas. The first three were shot in January 2014. #4 is a photograph I shot on a 2023 trip to High Island, near Galveston Texas. I took that photo with an Olympus OM1 and 300mm prime lens.

Pair #1: Windows in Roma

Pair #2 Little Blue Heron, South Padre Island

Pair #3 Brown Pelican, South Padre Island

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