Free photos, but PLEASE…

Skip down to the bottom if you want to cut to the chase, but this story is fun…

I once sang as “Jinx” in “Forever Plaid” with my barbershop quartet. Forever Plaid is a silly ’50s or ’60s throwback musical, but we four guys sang our hearts out!

The photo here is of a very different quartet in a different place. It highlights Jinx’s (my character’s) big solo down on his knees— singing the Johnnie Ray song, “Cry.” We all know what that posture indicates, right?

I’m not begging really, but when you click here you will see some of my best photos. The link takes you to, known for offering photos like mine with lno obligation to pay for looking or even downloading. But on my page you’ll also see a “Donate” button, along with “Follow” and “Message.”

Celebrate my rocketing up to more than 75,000 views by using any or all of the buttons. I’ll be so grateful!

Here is my latest upload. I think you’ll really like it. Here I have watermarked it, but the copy on Pexels is not watermarked, and if you download it you can play with it and remake it as you desire. THANKS!

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