Jim’s thoughts on composition– Red Rocks Photo(s)

Composition to me means coming up with a photo design, or shape, that makes the heart of the photo speak clearly.

Sedona red rocks are a popular subject for photographers. I love the “whole”, the mid-sized crop, and the final crop.

Here’s the long view. Gorgeous subject, right?

Crop 1 (i.e. not much cropping)

Below is the second crop, from the right. I think it makes a couple of things more obvious to the eye. The green chapparal hill closes to the camera, and its curving downward slope, plus the reddest rocks moving to the far right of the photo, make it a different image.

Crop 2

The final cut renders something crucial and potentially attractive to the eye– namely, criss-crossing diagonal lines. There are two downward sloping lines, and the hillock as it meets those at an acute angle, are the pattern I want you and other viewerws to see.

Crop 3

These are the thoughts of a growing but still by no means expert photographer.

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