Launching My Photography Business With This Post! Birds, Bees, And Their Habitat in Claremont, CA

For the very first time, I am making it simple for people to buy my photographs. Read more to see what photos are for sale, how to buy them, etc.!

Claremont California occupies a special place in my heart, not only because loved ones live there but because many of my formative years were th spent there and elsewhere in southern California.

I think of north Claremont’s habitat as chaparral, but it is far more complex than that, as this official document regarding the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park shows.

White-crowned sparrows, mockingbirds, and scrub jays populate the park and homes around north Mills Avenue.

Hundreds more of my photographs can be found at

You can buy digital download rights to any of the photographs below for $10 at PayPal. Simply go to PayPal and use my email address— Sales go toward purchase of a dream lens for birders—the Olympus 300mm f4.0 Pro.

OLYMPUS EM1-MarkII with 40-150mm M. Zuiko lens

California Scrub Jay

California Scrub Jay

This scrub jay, bathed in soft dawn light, was perched atop a laurel sumac.


OLYMPUS EM1-MarkII with 40-150mm M. Zuiko lens

Male White-Crowned Sparrow; Photo #PB107263

I came upon a flock of these sparrows on the lawn of the Fire Station on North Mills Avenue.


OLYMPUS EM1-MarkII with 40-150mm M. Zuiko lens

Mockingbird In Treetop; Photo #PB107252

This mockingbird greeted me on my walk, around sunrise, from its perch on a Coast Live Oak tree.


OLYMPUS EM1-MarkII with 40-150mm M. Zuiko lens

Honeybee on Cape Honeysuckle

I shot this marriage between bee and flower on the property of Myra House (, where my wife and I stayed, VERY close to the entrance to Claremont Hills Wilderness Park.


The photograph below was shot looking northward from Mills Avenue toward the San Gabriel Mountains, just after sunrise on a particularly cloudy-foggy day. The Wilderness Park is in the foreground.

OLYMPUS EM1-MarkII with 40-150mm M. Zuiko lens

Fog Shrouded Mountains Behind Claremeont; Photo #PB107070

SanGabriel ; NorthMillsClaremont; 10Nov2021;


Hundreds more of my photographs can be found at Go there if you would like to order prints and more! These make excellent gifts.

Thanks to all my photography teachers from members of my own family to the professionals who have helped me along the way—especially Lisa Langell and Lisa Cuchara. I shoot birds, bugs, and stars (to name a few of my favorite subjects) with Olympus, though my older Canon EOS keeps on shooting lapse videos.

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