Red-tailed hawk in Claremont, CA

A week ago my wife and I visited my home town, Claremont California. Whenever I go there I prioritize taking a walk along Thompson Creek.

As we walked, something caught my eye—a hawk on a 15-foot-high eucalyptus branch. I began to photograph what was apparently a red-tailed hawk.

Red-tailed hawk in eucalyptus tree

The next thing I know, another hawk landed by the first one and call it what you will—a fight or just “an encounter”—one one of the two hawks had landed at the base of the eucalyptus.

Red-TailedHawk AtBaseOfEucalyptus; ThompsonCreekParkClaremont; 1272

Neither my wife nor I was certain whether the hawk on the ground was the individual previously perched in the tree. We aren’t even certain whether the newcomer (invader?) was a red-tail. I think the birds captured in the two photos are red-tails, and probably the same individual. The “fight” ended too soon to identify whose wings and talons were whose, but soon enough to prevent much visible damage to the grounded raptor.

More of my hawk photos can be found distributed across my SmugMug pages. Just click here


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