Photo Walk With Jim Wilce, June 24

Ordinary Cameras, Extraordinary Encounters:Taking Wildlife Photos From the Heart

A Workshop Led by Jim Wilce, and Sponsored by the Northern Arizona Audubon Society

Saturday, June 24, 8-10 a. m., Kachina Wetlands (near Flagstaff, Arizona)

What do you want from outdoor/ wildlife photographs? How can you take photos that you and others will enjoy? And how might your photos do justice to the beautiful creatures you see through your lens? This workshop will focus on insects, flowers, and of course, birds.

No matter how simple your camera may be, you will learn how to get the most out of its features. As the workshop facilitator, Jim is very much a learner, and uses a “superzoom point-and-shoot” Canon, not a DSLR. To get a better idea of what we might work on, you might want to look at his photo page—

In addition to your camera, be sure to bring water, a hat and sunscreen. Be advised that there are no facilities at Kachina Wetlands. It is, however, wheel-chair accessible.

About the facilitator

Jim Wilce is a linguistic anthropologist and writer who has taught at NAU since 1994. He is also a cancer survivor, and his serious practice of photography started during his 2014 successful treatment. Now Jim takes about 200 pictures per day on his semi-aerobic photo walks.


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