Four Raptors

Raptors are birds of prey. I try not to overuse the word “awesome,” but raptors are awesome, awe-inspiring. I love it when raptors, who have extremely sharp eyes, are so generous as to allow me to photograph them. So, I have gathered here, in one place, photos of four different raptors— three diurnal and one nocturnal. The photos are virtual copies of originals to be found on my SmugMug page.

Cooper’s Hawk, Cheshire neighborhood, Flagstaff

Osprey perched in snag— one of a pair whose nest (or “eyrie”) overlooks a pond on Old Walnut Canyon Road, Flagstaff, Arizona

Bald Eagle in tree overlooking the pond on Old Walnut Canyon Road, Flagstaff

Great Horned Owl asleep in tree, Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

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