Despite wonders of California wildlife, home is sweet

Family events kept us quite busy in Laguna Beach and Claremont, California, but Sarah and I had a bit of time to walk, and that means taking pictures.

The trip home took us through the Mohave Desert, and later to Kingman, where we spent the night.

From a rest area along US Interstate-40 in the Mohave Desert:

Sunset; 13August2015; FromRestStopAlongI-40; 1556 copy MohaveDesert; SouthernCalifornia; AlongI-40; 13August2015; 1553 copy MohaveDesert; SouthernCalifornia; Sunset; 13August2015; 1549 copy

From Andy Devine Road, Kingman Arizona:

Before dawn's light hit this outcropping
Before dawn’s light hit this outcropping
Dawn's light reaches the rock
Dawn’s light reaches the rock
and the light bathed this cactus wren as well
and the light bathed this cactus wren as well

So, the trip home was not bad!

But home is sweet. It’s hard to beat Flagstaff Arizona:

The eternal beauty of the San Francisco Peaks is augmented every August and September by a burst of color (yellow) in the field that lies between our home and the Peaks.
SparrowOnWire; Hwy180; 15August2015; 1753 copy 2
a sparrow on a wire near Highway 180 (which goes from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon)
WesternBluebird; EarlyMorningLight; 15August2015; 1734 copy 2
A Western Bluebird graces and is graced by early morning light near Highway 180.

I have added new photos of this sort to, from the new photos posted to the gallery called “Beyond Northern Arizona” to the (home, Flagstaff) photos in “Insects,Flowers,” and “Birds.”

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