Purple is the color…

The other day I snapped these two pictures of two different purple flowers. They underscore what the beauty of the place we live— Flagstaff, AZ. The liatris grows in our front yard.

Liatris (Front Yard 19 July 2015) 7919 for Blog and Instagram copy

For more information and a better shot, click here to go to my SmugMug page.

The other purple flower, called vervain, grows wild in fields throughout Flagstaff, including the field grazed by horses on the north side of US Highway 180 as it leaves town.

Vervain; PurpleWildflower; ByHwy180; July2015Photos; 20July; 8040 For Blog and Instagram copy

Once again, you can find more information and a better shot on my SmugMug site, here.

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