Bird photos posted to

You can now find my photographs of the birds listed below in the bird gallery of my Smugmug photo site. They are all shot on a Canon Powershot SX 50 HS, and— unless otherwise noted—all are taken in Flagstaff Arizona.

Acorn Woodpecker

Bullock’s Oriole

“Finch Basket!”

Flicker overhead

Flycatcher (Dusky-capped?)

Flycatcher (Cordilleran?)

Gila Woodpecker

Meadowlark Taking Off

Mockingbird “Talking”

Western Bluebird (female)

Osprey Mother on Eyre

Osprey Perched

Painted Redstart

Steller’s Jay, Captain of its Ship

Steller’s Jay Clowning

Steller’s Jay with Wild “Hair”

Summer Tanager

Yellow-headed Blackbird

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