Back in time: 22 May 2015 photo expedition to Kinkinnick Lake

In May I went to northern Arizona’s Kinkinnick Lake (a two hour drive from Flagstaff along bumpy dirt roads) in hopes of seeing the spring ritual dance of mating pairs of grebes. After roughly 3 hours I was about to give up and come home when I heard a pair of grebes suddenly start “talking” to each other (producing coordinated vocalizations). So I got the camera ready and, sure enough, following the “conversation,” the “dance” began. It’s very brief, but oh so exciting! (WordPress apparently does not support video files, so I am inserting a link to the nearly identical paragraph I just posted on my Facebook page [and, if you prefer to go straight to the video, click here.) Here are just two of the many links to other birders’ videos of the grebes’ ritual dance—


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